No Mandatory COVID-19 Testing For Ohio Athletics ( OHSAA) & Let Spectators In all Games.

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The stipulations to play contact sports in Ohio currently is that players and coaches will need to be tested 72 hours before EVERY game/scrimmage this season. Any player who has tested positive is not allowed to play, and the team's contest is canceled. The coaches and players must have their COVID test in hand before the start of the game. I believe this is intrusive, excessive, expensive, and unnecessary if you have no symptoms. We should not have to be required to test in order to play. I also think it sets the entire season up for failure causing a ripple effect when one person tests positive. A temperature reading should suffice and a check for any symptoms Related to COVID. The order is set to expire on July 31st, 2020, and I am hoping they remove this stipulation for the 2020 season. We should also be allowed in our children games without stipulations.