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Petitioning Ohio Governor John R. Kasich

Grant clemency to Ohio exoneree Nancy Smith

In 2009, Nancy Smith was exonerated after serving 15 years in prison.

As the judge who exonerated her stated, Nancy is an innocent woman who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. Due to a technicality of law, her exoneration has been overturned. Nancy's path to continued freedom is in the hands of Ohio Governor Kasich.

Please learn about the case and then sign our petition asking that Governor Kasich pardon Nancy Smith.

For articles and documents in Nancy's case that prove her innocence, including the online version of the recent Dateline episode, click here:

Letter to
Ohio Governor John R. Kasich
This letter is a plea from a concerned Ohio citizen urging you to accept Nancy Smith’s petition for a pardon.

Nancy was exonerated in 2009 and given her freedom, but the decision granting her release was overturned by the Ohio Supreme Court. It is important to recognize that her exoneration was overturned on a technicality. The Ohio Supreme Court did not challenge the finding that Nancy was innocent. Rather, the trial court lacked jurisdiction under the unique circumstances of the case.

Nancy is an innocent woman who has already served 15 years for a crime she never committed. I beg that you recognize this injustice and grant an innocent woman her freedom.

There could be no clearer case for a pardon than one in which the Petitioner has already been found by a court to be innocent but cannot obtain relief because of a technicality in the law.

Nancy is a mother of four who has missed birthdays, graduations, weddings, and numerous other special occasions because she was wrongfully imprisoned. Please do not allow for Nancy Smith to miss any more milestones in the lives of her children and grandchildren.

As a fellow Ohioan, I hope to see an end to the nightmare that cost Nancy Smith 15 years of her life.

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