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Free Matt Mason

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Matt Mason started this petition to Ohio Governor

Matt Mason is an innocent prisoner, and he can prove it! Please sign his Petition in support of his freedom and as part of his Application for Clemency.

If you remember the 1980's in Mansfield, Ohio - then you will recall the corruption within the Police Department, the murders they committed and extensive judicial cover-ups.

This case has it all -  State misconduct, withheld and destroyed evidence, perjury, jury issues, police misconduct and judicial cover-up.

On October 19, 1990 Matt was arrested in Florida, where he lived with his wife of 4 years, and her children.  He was charged with the 1985 aggravated murder of Gurcia Mae Johnson in Ohio.  He did not know this woman, had never met her, nor knew anything about her.  Before this nightmare, he had never been in any serious trouble.

Prior to trial, he was offered a 3-15 years sentence, with guaranteed parole in writing in 2 years, to plead guilty to a lesser charge.

At trial, three ex-friends and a neighbor, with whom he never got along, testified "he told me he did it". Several of these people were paid $1,000 for their testimony, and one was threatened with prosecution for obstruction if he did not comply. The only eyewitness in the case testified that Matt was not the man who had been with her and the victim on the night in question. Nevertheless, Matt was convicted and sentenced to 20 years to life.

Following the verdict and sentencing, the victim's sister-in-law approached Matt's wife, advising her that "everyone" knows Matt is innocent, and that the Police had killed the victim.

It transpires that there were 21 unsolved murders in Mansfield, Ohio, with rumors of corrupt Police involvement. Official corruption in the area is well documented; refer to the book “Rotten to the Core” by Martin Yant and a Special Investigation conducted by Robert C. Greenhalgh whose primary purpose was to determine if Officers of the Mansfield Police Department were involved in any of the unsolved homicides. However, Matt knew nothing about any of these, as the investigations into the Police Department began after he had moved out of Ohio.

After the trial, the victim’s family and Matt's family conducted their own investigations, these indicated it was a former Mansfield Police Officer who was threatened by the victim when he confronted her, for withholding money from drug sales for him, who likely committed the murder. 

In addition, the investigator (hired by his court-appointed lawyer to investigate the case) was a partner in a private detective company with a former Mansfield Police Officer. Between the lack of investigation and actively withholding exculpatory evidence by the prosecution - Matt didn't stand a chance.

Over the years, Affidavits proving Matt's innocence have been presented to the Court, but they have refused to review any of the pleadings filed.

Matt has been denied parole four times, despite having a non-violent prison record and completing every program available to him. He has served the statutory 14 years and a further 15 years, that the Parole Board handed down to him. In May 2019, the Parole Board handed down an additional 3 years before Matt is able to present himself in front of them again. Remember, he was offered a sentence of 2 years prior to Trial if I had been guilty. The fact that Matt is innocent, keeps him in prison.

This is Matt's story. It could happen to you!

For more information please refer to Matt's website

Alternatively, you can follow him on Facebook - Free Matt Mason

Thank you for your time and support!

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This petition had 645 supporters

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