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Ban smoking in apartments/condos/duplex

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We live in a small apartment. For 3 years my son and myself suffer from second hand smoke. Our clothes, furniture, the whole apartment are permeated with smoke smell. It's Not only a health risk for my young son and myself but it is embarrassing to have to explain to others why we smell like smoke and I don't even smoke. My car smells of it because again it has permeated everything.

My son has allergies and this has made his breathing at night worse. He never use to snore and now he does every night. His nose is so stuffy that it makes it difficult for him. Everyone tells us to "move"  but how??? And why should we?? It's expensive to move and we don't have the money. Why are we supposed to make sure the smoker is taken care of but not the non smoker. Landlord tells me "we can't tell people what to do in their apartment" ?????? What about my son and myself suffering??? It's not our fault your building isn't up to code and it's constructed poorly. My kitchen is the main area it comes out of. I've tried plastic and tape and it still finds it's way in all parts of our apartment. Online it says our building is Non-smoking but somehow I was trapped by all smokers!!! No one seems to care and we are stuck here. I can't even open our windows because the Neibors that smoke outside are right by our windows and of course...the smoke travels inside.

We are told we can't disturb their (smokers) life but what about our (non -smokers) lives??? It doesn't matter if we can't enjoy our home? We can't have clean air to breathe? What if one of us was to get cancer? What then? If someone wants to smoke that's their business and right but there should be regulations on living situations for smoking and non. There should not be any inside smoking in connected living. This would mean apartments, condos, and duplex homes. Smokers should also have to be within a certain distance from doors and windows. This way we could have the option to have our windows open and enjoy the breeze. I believe all of it should be banned but why not make a separate building for smokers or designate buildings for this and SEPARATE from non-smokers. I get we all have rights but why are ours being ignored to benefit smokers?


Help me ban smoking in connected living homes. Let's make sure our children have the right to breathe clean air. 

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