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Help Me Get Recycling Bins In Northwestern Springfield Ohio!

Help stop trash going into our landfills!                                                                               I've done the math, and about A TON of waste is thrown away at our school each WEEK (about 1500 pounds, if not more).  If we have a recycling bin, we can put our waste with the recycling logo on it and save about 900 pounds of waste a week! Then they can use that waste for notebooks, combs, and paper!


  • Tips to Help The Environment
  • Bike to places less than 5 miles away.
  • Use egg cartons to plant seedlings (This was my mom's idea, I think she is the best gardener in Ohio)
  • Plant native plants to enjoy flowers that are good for your  garden.

       I am only 10 years old and do not have much power on my own, so sign this petition to help me!




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