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The Quasar Corp IN association with PLEASANT HOME FARM LLC is trying to build a 10 million gallon human waste holding lagoon in our community. The project was started with zero knowledge from any residence within miles of said holding tank, and will be a complete nuisance to all surrounding homes and businesses. We are worried about our property values being driven down, the quality of our air surrounding the lagoon and for miles around, the traffic of tanker trucks that will be coming in and out pumping this sludge into the holding tank, the roads that will be used can not hold up to all the trucks coming in and out at all times of the day, increased possible health risks, our land and water wells, the environmental impact if something were to occur and be spilled or leaked. The wild life will forever be impacted by this. The residiual residue could contain toxic metals such as ARSENIC, CADMIUM, COPPER, LEAD, MERCURY, MOLYBDENUM, NICKEL, SELENIUM AND ZINC. There are no benefits environmentally or for food to have this around or to use it. They plan to use the 10 million gallon holding tank to hold 9.3 million gallons of the human sludge waste and the rest will be hog crap mixed in with it!!! No cover, clay bottom waste pit filled with treated human waste from treatment plants all over North East ohio.. held and broke down and then spread on fields in Wayne and surrounding counties... NO THANK YOU!!! PLEASE HELP US BY SIGNING THIS PETITION TO STOP THE BUILDING OF THIS NASTY FACILITY IN OUR COUNTY AND TOWNSHIP. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT.  (If you have any trouble signing and or sharing please just keep trying, we have had some say they have had issues trying to sign so just try again. Most said after trying again they were able to sign. Thank you!!)

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