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Ohio District Attorney Mike DeWineOhio Governor John Kasich: Drop all charges on our innocent family!

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On November 28th of 2012, the State of Ohio and Child Protective Services falsely accused the father of my children, Aaron Keller, and myself of child abuse when my three year old son broke his leg. Despite us taking immediate action to get him care, we were bombarded with questions about abuse. We fully cooperated with all the staff and no other signs of abuse or neglect were found. They even went as far as requesting to examine our daughter, which we allowed. They told us she looked perfect. No proof of abuse was found, yet Child protective services hastily removed our children from our care and sent us home.

Shortly afterward their father, Aaron, was arrested by Springdale police for alleged child abuse and felonious assault. When our family was finally able to figure out the evidence being brought against Aaron, we discovered it was solely based on hear-say and immoral police questioning methods. Lies and far-fetched testimonies has put a tremendous stress on our family. Not to mention several continuances of the criminal trial since November of 2012, has made this disaster even more unbearable. Our children can barely see their parents and Child Protective Services only makes seeing them more impossible.

Part of looking out for the welfare of children, is knowing what is best for them. If Child Protective Services and the State can get away with tarnishing the lives of families like mine so easily, what does the future hold for millions of other families?

The allegations and charges must be dropped, based on zero visual, physical evidence or otherwise. Please open your hearts and minds to our story, Do not let Child Protective Services and the State of Ohio continue to unjustly treat our family.

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