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ODOT, restore dedicated entrance lane to State Route 2 eastbound from W. 28th Street

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Residents want to make Ohio City's Shoreway entrance safe.  We want ODOT to restore a dedicated eastbound entrance lane to the Shoreway (U.S. 6/State Route 2) from W. 28th Street in Ohio City.

The W. 28th Street entrance ramp to the eastbound Shoreway involves a harrowing blind ascent up into the passing lane.  Dangers are presented from all sides: on the right are speeders in the passing lane.  Braking to yield to them poses the threat of being rear-ended by a vehicle trying to accelerate to freeway speeds.  Keeping an eye to the right for incoming traffic risks a collision with a vehicle braking to yield in front or with a wall of concrete on the left.

For many months during construction on the West Shoreway Conversion project, the W. 28th Street entrance was made safer by temporarily giving it a dedicated entrance lane when orange barrels were placed in the rightmost of three lanes on S.R. 2-East between the W. 25th Street exit ramp and the W. 28th Street entrance ramp.  The dedicated lane was removed early the week of November 6, 2017.

We ask that the dedicated entrance ramp lane be permanently restored to the W. 28th Street entrance to S.R. 2 eastbound.  One way to implement a permanent dedicated entrance ramp at this location would be to make the leftmost lane an exit-only lane for the W 25th Street exit, just before (west of) the entrance ramp.  This would cause eastbound through traffic to naturally move to the right two lanes.  The left Shoreway lane between the W. 25th Street exit and the W. 28th Street entrance could be painted over with zebra stripes.  Other ways of achieving a dedicated entrance ramp lane can also be considered and evaluated.

The temporary dedicated entrance ramp has worked well, and based on our driving experience, we submit that reducing S.R. 2 east to two lanes for the short distance between the two ramps would not negatively impact through traffic or increase congestion, even during rush hour traffic periods.  We think that the proposal would improve safety and traffic flow.

Please, ODOT, give us back our dedicated entrance ramp lane!

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