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Do Not Relocate State Route 32 through the Village of Newtown

Newtown opposes the proposed relocation routes of State Route 32 in Newtown for the following reasons:

• Destruction of several Newtown businesses and the loss of significant tax   revenue to Newtown
• Displacement of several single-family homes and Newtown residents
• Destruction of Native American Archeological sites and sacred burial grounds
• Negative environmental impact on Newtown and its parks and nature areas
• Significant reduction in the area of Newtown
• Increased air, noise and water pollution to people of Newtown
• Protect the historic charm of Newtown
• Preserve your property values and protect your health

Please contact ODOT and the Eastern Corridor Implementation partners and inform them that relocating SR32 through Newtown is not a good decision.

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  • Ohio Department of Transportation
    Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners
    Ohio Department of Transportation

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