Petition Closed

Newtown opposes the proposed relocation routes of State Route 32 in Newtown for the following reasons:

• Destruction of several Newtown businesses and the loss of significant tax   revenue to Newtown
• Displacement of several single-family homes and Newtown residents
• Destruction of Native American Archeological sites and sacred burial grounds
• Negative environmental impact on Newtown and its parks and nature areas
• Significant reduction in the area of Newtown
• Increased air, noise and water pollution to people of Newtown
• Protect the historic charm of Newtown
• Preserve your property values and protect your health

Please contact ODOT and the Eastern Corridor Implementation partners and inform them that relocating SR32 through Newtown is not a good decision.

Letter to
Ohio Department of Transportation Ohio Department of Transportation
Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners Ohio Department of Transportation
Do Not Relocate State Route 32 through the Village of Newtown