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Deny Parole for Deena G. Lambert, Inmate #W21684, Ohio Reformatory for Women

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Deena Gaye Lambert was a 24 year old individual with a history of theft, shop lifting, drug abuse and was a drifter with no known address.  On June 11, 1988 she arrived with her boyfriend, James Sprague in Akron, Ohio and was staying at the State Road Inn.  On June 14, 1988, Lambert and Sprague arrived at The Temple Tavern in Akron where they met Harry V. Robinson.  Harry Robinson was an 83 year old widower who visited the tavern once a week where he was well known, admired and loved by the regular patrons.  He is described as one who never knew a stranger, was a kind-hearted person who always was concerned for the well being of others and he loved everyone.  He had enthusiasm, loved being with others and enjoyed life.   

According to the testimony of the bar patrons, Deena Lambert approached Harry Robinson saying she had had a fight with her boyfriend and needed help.  She was telling him stories that played on his sympathies.  Robinson agreed to assist her and he left the bar with Lambert where they went to his nearby apartment to use his phone. 

Testimony during the trial shed light on the horrific scene that transpired inside Harry’s apartment that fatal night.  An altercation occurred in which Deena Lambert hit Harry in the head with a tea kettle and then stabbed him 32 times, which caused his death.  After brutally murdering Harry, Deena ransacked his apartment looking for items to steal.  She then left his apartment and ran into the street covered in blood.  Thinking she was a victim, a passerby stopped his vehicle to help her and assisted her into his car to take her to a nearby hospital.  On the way to the hospital, Deena Lambert admitted that she murdered Harry and she became aggressive and enraged.  Upon arrival at the hospital, in fear, the Good Samaritan passerby jumped out of his car seeking help from the hospital security guard.  Lambert then slid into the driver’s seat and took off in the car.  Police eventually located Lambert and linked her to Robinson’s apartment where they found his body.

The Jurors of the Grand Jury of the State of Ohio found Deena Gaye Lambert guilty of committing the crime of Aggravated Murder in that she did purposely cause the death of Harry V. Robinson.  Deena Lambert was also found guilty of the crime of Aggravated Robbery in that she did, in attempting or committing the offense of Theft and attempting to flee immediately after such attempt have a deadly weapon to wit: a knife on her person and under her control and that she did inflict serious harm on Harry V. Robinson an Aggravated Felony of the 1st Degree.  Lambert also committed the crime of Grant Theft in that she did with purpose to deprive the owner of the property of his vehicle without his consent, which is 3rd Degree Felony.

Deena Lambert was sentenced to be confined in the Ohio State Reformatory for Women at Marysville, Ohio for the remainder of her life for punishment of the crime of Aggravated Murder, consecutive terms of 10 to 25 years for punishment of the crime of Aggravated Robbery and 2 years for punishment of the crime of Grand Theft.  She is to serve a minimum of 20 years, before appearing before the parole board.

Lambert is to appear before the Ohio Parole Board in April, 2014 for a hearing seeking release from incarceration.  It is with this petition that we are requesting and asking the Parole Board to review the sentence that was originally given to Lambert which is “imprisonment and confinement for the Remainder of her Natural Life”for punishment of this aggravated, brutal crime.  We are asking that this sentence be upheld and Lambert be denied her request for parole.

Due to the brutality of this crime, the history of Lambert’s criminal past, the trauma and grief this has brought upon the victim’s family and the fact that Lambert was sentenced to “imprisonment and confinement for the remainder of her natural life”  we, the people undersigned, call on the Ohio Parole Board to deny parole for Deena Lambert and enforce the life sentence that was given her for the death of Harry V. Robinson.

Please sign this petition in an effort to keep Deena Lambert from being granted parole.

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