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Enough is enough!

Every winter, the state of Ohio experiences the blatant neglect of fixing our roadways. Cheap and easy fixes only go so far when they just go back to being terrible a week later. The state needs to invest in a more suitable way to fix the swimming pool sized potholes that are consuming the roads. Day after day people are having to replace their wheels and tires because there's no way to avoid the craters in the center of the road. 

Having been to a majority of the continental United States, I can say with confidence that the roads in Ohio are the worst I've seen. Having teams of people haphazardly filling the holes with what one can only assume is that Floam styrofoam stuff kids used to play with in the 90's.

Please ODOT, hear our cries. I can't afford to keep replacing my tires; use my tax money for the greater good. The roads are so bad that 21 Pilots wrote about it in a song. We the people are desperate and annoyed.

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