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stop fluoridation in the Ohio water supply

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This is an important issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Fluoride, which is best when applied topically, has dangerous & devastating effects when ingested regularly over an extended period of time. Fluoride exposure can lead to but is not limited to, bone-crippling disease, increased chances of hip fracture, brittle bones, brain drain, kidney disease, cancer, and damage to the pineal gland. It is especially dangerous to infants. 

Healthy adults can excrete more than 50% of an ingested fluoride dose; infants, by contrast, can only excrete 15 to 20%. This leads to a greater build-up of fluoride in the body, and may help explain why infants fed formula made with fluoridated water suffer higher rates of dental fluorosis, a discoloration of the teeth caused by excessive fluoride ingestion during childhood.

  Teeth are not the only tissue that can be affected by fluoride exposure during infancy. A baby’s blood brain barrier is not fully developed at birth, and this allows fluoride, a neurotoxin, greater access to the brain than in later periods in life. Over 30 studies have associated elevated fluoride exposure with neurological impairment in children, which may, in part, result from fluoride’s affect on the thyroid gland. In light of the serious nature of these effects, and the lack of benefit from pre-eruptive ingestion of fluoride, basic precautionary principles strongly counsel against exposing infants to any fluoride. - -   

The results of more than five epidemiological studies indicate increased hip fractures in both naturally and artificially fluoridated areas. The incidence of hip fracture is also increasing more rapidly than can be accounted for by aging of the population. There are numerous studies which undeniably prove that fluoride's cumulative effect on bone is devastating. It is well known that chronic ingestion of fluoride can cause osteofluorosis or skeletal fluorosis (crippling bone disease). This evidence has been reported in at least nine studies from five countries (contrary to promoters' denials, this occurs even at relatively "low" water fluoride levels). Moreover, according to the World Health Organization, individuals consuming between 2.0 - 8.0 mg of fluoride/day (2-8 litres of fluoridated water), can develop the pre-clinical symptoms of skeletal fluorosis (arthritis-like symptoms). - -


Citing evidence that fluoride is most effective for dental health when applied topically rather than ingested, that ingesting the chemical can be harmful to infants or those with renal problems, and that there is a lack of solid research regarding the effects of ingesting fluoride on the body, Askeland stated, “For that reason, ethically, I fall on the side that we shouldn’t add it.” When the practice of fluoridating local water was introduced about 50 years ago, there were few other ways that Americans received fluoride in their diets, according to EC member Vickie Hennessy. However, most processed food products contain some fluoride, Hennessy said, so that Americans now receive far more fluoride than they know in their diets. Hennessy urged Council to discontinue the practice.

“Fluoridation is now everywhere,” she said. - read the full article about water fluoration in yellow springs ohio @ -

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