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Deny Brenda Lewis parole inmate#W024100.

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We are pulling together as family trying to stop the parole of Brenda Lewis. Brenda killed the loving, caring mother, of Shawn and Crystal. She has never shown remorse for her actions on that day in 1989. She has mental health issues and should not be paroled or she will act out in anger again and possibly take another life. She had ongoing mental health issues, was in-patient hospital care for it, then released shortly before my aunt was murdered. She planned the murder, because she went that morning to purchase the gun, then ended up at a store where my aunt was at and gunned her down. It was NOT an accident, it was NOT in self defense, it was cold blooded murder. She took a life therefore she should be incarcerated for life. If she fooled her doctor, she can fool any one, that she has changed for the better. Those that truly know her, know better. In a previous incident, when Katherine's children were younger, Brenda, had pulled a gun on them while they were playing in their yard.  This woman is very dangerous and unstable. Please keep this woman behind bars so she won't murder another innocent person. Have mercy on this family who had to endure the loss of their mom, grandma, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. Deny Brenda's parole, please!

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