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Stop CPS corruption!!! Bring my children home!!!

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Cps corruption in stark county is horrible. Im a mother of five children that adores every little thing my children achieved. I wasn't a bad mother. I made mistakes but nothing horrible to deserve this. There are many children that's being passed around from foster home to foster home and the courts say that's for the best interest of the child. NO stability is the best interest. My five children don't get vistitations. Four of my children are together and my oldest is separated. They had no contact since my last visit May 2015. Which in the dockets it says regular visits are to be made. I was told after I completed my caseplan, got housing and got a job that reunification would take place. Which I did it all. I did it all just to be told they are filing for permanent custody. They waited until Feb 2015 to file for PC. They waited until I mentioned a paid attorney to file for PC. If my children wasnt coming home why drag it out and why was I told reunification was the goal? Why can't I be a mother? May 2015 was my two year mark and that was the deadline but stark county cps used my bad decision making against me. They used my criminal background against me. I know people with violent charges on there background and they got custody of there children. But not me. Why? So please help me bring my babies home. We deserve to be a family. Please sign my petition please.

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