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Keep Ohio Mandates for Art, Music, Gym, Library, Nurses and Counselors

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The proposed new operating standard in Ohio would do away with the required Art, Music, Gym and Library classes at the elementary level as well as School Nurses and Counselors. At a time when the State has heaped increasing unfunded standardized testing costs onto school districts the State wants to allow school districts to cut Specials teachers to save money. This means that only affluent school districts will be able to afford the "luxury" of specials classes.

Imagine that school children don't get their first art, music or gym class until middle school. Imagine there would be no school nurses or no school counselors when your or another child needs them. These are all extremely valuable services that dedicated professionals provide for our young kids. They are so valuable that they are protected by the so called '5 of 8' provision in state education guidelines.

Do not let radical Ohio Board of Education members gut protections and services for our kids - tell them and Debe Terhar - KEEP PROTECTIONS FOR OUR KIDS!

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