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Involvement and investigation of the Brian Garber case in Richland County.

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    On March 16, 2014 at approximately 8:23 PM, Brian Garber was murdered by one or more Richland County sheriffs deputies. This murder occurred in Lexington Ohio at Brian Garber's parents house, was unarmed and shot 14 times! It has been six months, the family and public still has not been informed of who the officer or officers were that killed Brian Garber. 

    There was a report at 8:17 PM by Brian's wife that he was at his parents home and had a gun via text she said she was receiving from him. The sheriff had been at Brian and wife's home prior to the 8:17 PM call for a domestic. When the officers arrived Brian had already left the home and his wife and mother had to explain to the officers that he was suffering from depression and was taking a medicine that he reacted badly from. They told the officers at this time they needed their assistance in getting Brian medical help. 

    Following the 8:17 PM call, the first officers arrived at the parents home at 8:19 PM with four more police vehicles following at approximately 30 second intervals. The officers then discussed amongst themselves whether or not they will were at the correct residence. Lt. Zehner told them they were at the right place. At 8:22 PM they requested already in traffic be stopped (as they were entering the residence). They entered the home and asked his father where Brian was and he pointed upstairs. Brian's father never heard the officers say anything...not it's the Richland County Sheriffs Dept., not Brian do you have a gun?,  not come out with your hands in the air...NOTHING!!! Instead, within five seconds he heard multiple gunshots and screamed out, "OH MY GOD!" An officer then grabbed the father by the back of the collar and push them outside of the home onto the step of that side porch. He proceeded to tell the father he was not to come into the home because it was now a crime scene. The ambulance was called for assistance at 8:23 PM. This is the dispatch timeline provided to our local newspaper. 

    According to the article in the Mansfield News Journal titled "Coroner Speaks Out"... the coroner was not notified until 4:20 AM to come to the scene. The Coroner Deputy, Tom Stortz, called in around 10 PM asking if he was needed because he heard there was a shooting. He was informed he was not needed. The coroner should have been contacted immediately according to Ohio State Law. 

    A letter to the editor, by a local attorney concerning this case stated that it looks like a cover-up and smells like a cover-up. Richland County has been known for their corrupt system and the Richland County citizens are desperate for answers and are reluctant to call local law officials for assistance. 

    WE ARE ASKING FOR MIKE DEWINE TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL ASPECTS OF THIS CASE IN ITS INVESTIGATION AND PRESENTATION TO THE GRAND JURY. FAIR TRIAL!!! We do not believe that anyone suffering from depression should be shot and killed on site, unarmed, and not given a chance to surrender!


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