Force Police Chief Roger Moore to Step Down!

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It is imperative to the success of our city to rid itself of all evils, including the most detrimental faction of corruption to the City of Chilliothe, Ohio. Mayor Jack Everson has considerably turned the other cheek more than enough times now for our Police Chief Roger Moore to get his act together and straighten up. 

Understandably in life, everyone makes decisions that they may or may not regret in the future / past. One thing that we can all agree on though, is tht based on those decisions you are supposed to learn from your mistakes and move on with positive results.

Our City Officials and our Government HAVE to stop ignoring our requests as a town to fix the problems at hand. This is now a time for us to fight for our civil liberties and REMOVE Police Chief Roger Moore.

This Petition is to ask Roger Moore to see his ways have effected our city as a whole and has dramatically effected the way other places in this country look upon us. We are labeled by others based on the actions of some. The some, in which we should be avoiding are those in power. We as a city must NOW stand up and force the removal of Roger Moore, if he will not step down himself. 

We need to raise these numbers, and show Mayor Jack Everson, Attorney General Mike Dewine, and even Chief Moore himself that our city is TIRED and FED UP... we are READY FOR A CHANGE! It is time now that someone else fill the void and clean up the mess that Roger Moore has left all over the city.

Roger Moore consistently puts the blame on the media and other sources of information. It is ROGER MOORE who is placing distrust in our systems, and it is Mayor Jack Everson who continues to play ball with it. We as a city have some faith still left if Jack Everson, and would prefer that he do his job and avoid the city too asking him to step down.

Mayor Everson, Attorney General Dewine, and Chief Moore. We provide you now with enough evidence to see the clear power trip that is being abused by Mr. Moore. We are now attempting to show you that this is not just a one or two person situation. The COMPLETE City of Chillicothe is behind this, and we want this to STOP NOW! Recognize the following list of events as not just a list of SLIP UPS by Moore, but a PATTERN OF CORRUPTION, AND SMALL-MINDED APPALACHIAN POWER TRIP COMPLEX.

Please see the following events as a list of referrence!

4/19/14- Matt Mitchell is arrested for urinating on a building. Mr. Mitchell is drunk. However, the officer shows his lack of professionalism by verbally engaging the suspect. The officer involved drags Mr. Mitchell out of the cruiser, and into booking, where excessive force is used. Mr. Mitchell ends up being flown to Columbus for treatment endured during this brutality.

6/19/13- Chillicothe Police Officer Terry Brown falls asleep whilst driving South on North Bowman Road. Officer Brown hits three parked cars.


4/5/14- Officer Samantha Taczak hits and injures a pedestrian who is crossing in a cross walk at North Bridge and East Second Streets at 6:30 P.M


3/3/14- Roger Moore is seen leaving the chambers of John Street. Chief Moore was enraged after finding out that the judge had waived a suspects fine. He then proceeds to walk out of chambers, tossing a file onto a table, which falls on the floor, without picking it up or saying anything



8/22/13- Roger Moore enters the office of Tamra Lowe, where he is told by Tamra to follow procedure, and file a complaint. He is asked politely to leave her office, on three separate occasions. He does not leave. Tamra proceeds to call the police department, as she feels threatened and intimidated by Roger Moore. He then proceeds to call the department, and tells them there is no need to respond.


3/16/13- Roger Moore engages in a verbal altercation outside of the Cozy Inn at 12:17 A.M. The Chief of Police is heard using vulgar language, threats, and being very unprofessional.



3/6/13- Roger Moore gets pulled over by Ohio State Highway Patrol at 12:41. Moore shows his argumentative side with state officer involved. He proceeds to tell the state officer that he does not need to have lights and sirens on when speeding, because he is the chief.

I need not continue further, as if there isn't enough evidence here to allow Mayor Everson to ACT NOW AND ACT QUICKLY --- then Maybe it is time for Mayor Everson to move aside, and do what he promised to this city and provide an equal opportunity for others in this city. It is HIGHLY unfair for the regular citizens to continue to receive a lack of leadership, and have no more trust in it's Police Chief than the average common criminal they are intaking. 

Is it too much for us to ask as a Community to get this DONE and REMOVE THE SCUM that is torturung our city with Power Trips and refusal to take the blame for what is his fault? 

Let us not forget this petition... which is directly related to this situation:

Thanks to Christy and Robert Burton for collection of data and reports revolving around Chief Roger Moore's name and incidents.

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