Stop killing afghans

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Dated 13 June 2020 we, a number of Afghans living in Swiss gathered near Iranian embassy in Bern to protest against the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the drowning of our fellow countrymen into Harirud River, opening fire on a vehicle of Afghan migrants in Yazd province and other legal violations committed against Afghans as follows:
1. First of all we would like to thank the government of Islamic republic of Iran and it’s people who has provided shelter and facilitated employment to our migrants during the past forty years of conflict when Afghans were burning it the flames of the war but we are witness to a lot of inhumane and horrible treatments which goes against humanistic principles, Islamic brotherhood and neighborhood culture.
2. Looking into the recent incidents happened in the months of May and June encompassing torture, forced labor, drowning of our youth into Harirud River which resulted in the decease of many and other still lost, and opening fire on a suspected vehicle in Yazd province carrying Afghan migrants which resulted in complete burning of three and injuries of several others, we consider it a heinous, inhumane and unjust crime and way far from the humanistic views of famous Persian poet Saadi who says:
Human beings are members of a whole
In creation of one essence and soul
If one member is afflicted with pain
Other members uneasy will remain
If you've no sympathy for human pain
The name of human you cannot retain

While these actions show how inhumane and heinous the committed crimes are, it goes against claims of brotherhood and Muslim hood.
3. We have understood along the history that policies of Islamic Republic of Iran against us have been opportunistic which are obvious in the abuse of religious beliefs and racism inflicted towards us.
4. We hereby declare our deepest concerns to Iran and International community on the obvious inflicted persecution and harm, humiliation in the public places, unjust impediment and limitations on employment, deliberate addiction for peonage, impediments on access to education, impediments on access to refugee rights guaranteed in the convention on refugee rights based on which the government of Iran receives funds against Afghans.

Our demands
Finally, we seriously want investigation on irresponsible actions of Iranian government against Afghan refugees in Iran to make sure their actions are in compliance with humanitarian principles, neighborhood culture and international laws. Repetition of above mentioned incidents will only create further distance between people of the two countries and would eventually facilitate the abuse of such events by regional and international powers which would harm both the countries.

Best Regards
Organizers of protests held against the recent actions of Iranian government in regards to Afghan refugees in Iran.