Students Taking Action: A Petition For Change

Students Taking Action: A Petition For Change

August 3, 2020
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Ogle School, TDLR, SBOE
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gabriella Lozano


Gabriella Lozano, Student
Ogle School 56, San Antonio Texas

During this time of crisis it is essential to show our leadership skills with each other and be advocates for our community. Let's build each other up, hold each other accountable, provide safe environments for ourselves, our families, and colleagues, and maintain a high standard of living!

Students Taking Action:

This is a petition to have the choice whether to attend school on campus during this Covid-19 crisis, that choosing to stay home will not result in threats of withdrawal, unequal treatment by teachers and faculty. This is a petition to keep communication between students, their families, and faculty open, clear, consistent, and timely at all times. This is a petition that those who do choose to attend campus are ensured a safe, contaminant-free environment and workspace, with kept logs of when, who, what, and how of said sanitation procedures, are made available to the students disposal at all times. This is a petition for clear-cut, distance education class syllabi for each class/each phase, including an overall organized lesson plan of which modules, chapters, and tests will be completed and by when, which LAB/notes are due and when, and which supplies will be needed and used for that phase. We petition that students be provided at the end of each school week with their grade average, numbers of hours completed that week, and in total, and which students require make up hours, how many, and a course of action with make-up dates and times, in order to get those students back on track as fast as possible. This is also a petition to have tuition during this time be re-examined, that tuition be consistent between day students and consistent between night students, and that all decided modifications be applied to all distance education students, regardless if they were enrolled prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. We ask that a breakdown of tuition costs and financial aid be distributed to all students with a clear-cut projected graduation date for each student , consistent with their phase. New estimations, we ask, be provided at the end of each school week by teachers for students requiring make-up hours. We propose that teachers get to know their students and have a clear understanding of which students of theirs have health conditions/disabilities/special needs, what that means for the student, so that students may feel safe and supported always. During this time it is crucial to maintain student-teacher awareness so communication stays open and functional. Lastly, we petition that a staff/teacher directory be provided to all students, including work or cell numbers and emails to ensure all students may be able to contact and communicate effortlessly with their teachers. Vice-versa, teachers will have updated emails and numbers of their students, so that all parties have open lines of communication. Updates to these lists should be made weekly.

We are the students of Ogle School San Antonio.
We are advocates and innovators of the arts, each other , and the world.
We are strong, we are beautiful.
We are your future cosmetologists and estheticians.


Gabriella Lozano 
Devin Herrera 
Xandria Rivera 
Natalie Forbes  
Kiya Little
Mamie Gomez
Kaylin Jones
Crae Dauphinais
Roslyn Jennings
Keisha LaPazz
Brittney Frazier


Propositions for Change

I. Students may choose to attend on-campus class days.
II. Proper communication between all parties to be maintained and upheld to a professional and respectful manner.
-Response time standard not to exceed 24 hours
-School directory available in paper and digital forms, at all times.
-Keep communication lines open for family members of students for any questions or concerns they may have, comments, and provide opportunity in staff scheduling for group or private conferences between student/teacher/family member, when requested.
III. Thorough sanitation and disinfection to all supplies , tools, stations, classrooms, bathrooms, on a daily/nightly basis.
- Schedule hires professional cleaning team for after school hours
- Apart from TDLR regulations, assign daily and weekly cleaning duties to all faculty, staff, and students respectively, to be kept with logs of each duty, their executor, the date, time, and their signature .
- Assign numbered work stations to students, so they may be responsible for their station, kept accountable for their own health, to disinfect and sanitizes at the end of each school day, and to be inspected thoroughly by their instructors at the end of each on campus school day.
IV. Kitchen should remain closed except for vending machine use, with a posted automatic hand sanitizer dispenser at the vending machines. Remove excess trash cans from kitchen as well.
V. Sample faculty and staff daily cleaning guide:

Faculty Daily Cleaning Guide
Offices- sweep daily, wipe down surfaces with disinfectant, keep dust free
Lobby- sweep daily, dust merchandise, wipe down all surfaces after each use, don’t share.
pens, provide them and masks.
Bathrooms- routinely check in on them and make sure they are clean and stocked.
All trash bags taken out daily.
Keeps students accountable for their stations and color bar.
Check students station one last time.

Student Daily Cleaning Guide
Stations- sanitize upon arrival, after use before taking any breaks, after use before taking lunch, and
thoroughly before leaving for the day.
Mirrors- wipe down each time station is sanitized.
Sweep- before lunch and before leaving for the day.
Color Bar- keep one students at the color bar to help dispense
wipe down any surfaces or products after use with disinfectant wipes
wipe down all sanitizer bottles with disinfectant wipes
assign one student per week to clean drawers and cabinets, and wipe down washer and dryer


Example Class Syllabus

Teachers name
Teachers contact info
Phase number

Phase # Week #

-Phase description


-Test #s and due dates


-Graph divided into weeks (columns ) and the following rows for each week:
.week dates
.discussion topics
.mannequin work
.class assignments
.home assignments


- Current hours:
- Make-up hours and dates:
- Weekly grades:
- Grade Average:



Re-evaluating Tuition and Fees

Current numbers are as follows:

1500 hrs = $16,950.00 tuition
That makes each hour worth: $11.30
Cost of living fees = $12,980.00
Kit = $2,960.00
Estimated full time student = $32,890.00

We do not believe that the education we are receiving mirrors what we pay, this is how we see more applies to our current situation:

-Zoom app, what is the cost to have a zoom account as a school
-Revised cost of tuition based on current distance education dilemma.
-No cost of living fees since we choose not to use campus to remain healthy and safe, therefore, we no longer utilize campus resources , workspaces, and utilities such as water, AC, electricity, etc. Supplies and tools needed for training and education are not being used because we cannot access them from home.
- Allotted refundable amount or Brand new kits with all essential supplies for proper continued education, such as perm rods and, lighter, developer, treatment chemicals, mannequins, etc. Both are good ideas but many of us have spent the entirety of school at home and are almost done, there for we feel the best and most just form of action is a refunded amount.
-Previously handed out kits are rubbish. Bad product mean bad results, and all we want are great results right? Our kits are NOT worth 3,000 dollars. If Jeffree Star did a YouTube review on our school kits he would agree with us.


Pending Student Questions

With Covid-19 actively not being contained or controlled or decreasing in Bexar county along side other counties, why are we continually expected to come to class when literally the rest of the county is doing this stuff at home. Aveda is 100% distance learning. Public and private schools aren’t even going back up as of yet. What’s the logical explanation for why it is mandatory for us?

The infection control and sanitation standards at the school are truly subpar to where it should be in order to be effective. It is up to the students to clean just their stations but every time the color bar is touched, it should be cleaned. Every time someone enters the bathroom it should be cleaned. These are a few of the many examples. Are you strictly relying on your cleaning crew for this? Because from 9-1230 we spread germs all over. Then leave for lunch, and I don’t see anybody enforcing the temperature or sanitization check before re entering for the afternoon. So how fool proof is your policy that’s in place?

Doing distance education should absolutely be more structured than being on campus, why are we not allowed to see the weekly syllabus to be prepared at home when you all constantly say you have to submit your lesson plans to the director every week?

Why is that when we bring up concerns about our safety that we have to somehow brandish a doctors note during a global pandemic excusing us from class... this is a pandemic not just the common cold going around. This is a new virus to us. Also are you aware it is a HIPAA and PHI violation to initially and continually ask your students for detailed health information on why they need to be out. It’s literally illegal to force us to provide our personal health misinformation just to appease you so we can be home safe like our county is literally ordering us to. Please let us know why you think you’re right in doing so.

Also why are our hours so poorly accounted for? There is no other school institution that makes their students clock in and out for class, for break, and for lunch, and if God forbid we forget to clock out at the end of the day we loos an entire day? This is absurd it just takes willing teammates to adjust the times.




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Signatures: 184Next Goal: 200
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