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On Nov 15, 2017 LV City Council will hold a public hearing into the Valle Family Trust application - please help oppose this - got to

The OGDEN is our home. It is our community. There are a number of people who have purchased condos in the building who have applied with the city to turn the OGDEN, the place we call home, into a hotel. There are so many reasons why we as a community need to make our voices heard and not let our home turn into another hotel.


Security-Short term rentals in our building is giving many different strangers access to our entire building. They are being given our security/access key fobs and garage access openers. This means strangers have access to all of our floors, our common areas, and our vehicles. If these strangers take these access/security tools when they leave they would have future access to all of this, decreasing our security each time a new stranger uses our home as a hotel.

Pride of ownership- We all know that no one takes care of a home like the owner. Hotel guests that come to Vegas to party and have a good time don’t care what the common areas look like. They are not worried about the brand new carpet that has been installed or leaving their broken glass strewn about the pool area or the broken panels in our elevators. Who pays for this? Surely not the individuals renting the condo out. Its the HOA which we ALL pay for.

Resale- It is important to note that allowing short term rentals in our building will also limit all of us from potentially reselling our individual units in the future. Many lenders will not loan to condominiums that allow for short term rentals. The OGDEN has been special in the fact that it has had a lot of different loan programs that it qualifies for. THIS GOES AWAY if we allow short term rentals! The buyer pool becomes much smaller and the value of each of our homes goes down. This means that we would be stuck with devalued condos that we cannot resale because of short term rentals, ultimately making us trapped in place we thought was going to be home but has turned into a hotel!

Liability- While a few individuals may profit from using our home as a hotel our home is still ultimately liable for the actions of those who are using it as a hotel. If we allow strangers to use our home as hotel, then we are also assuming any and all liability that comes with these strangers who pay a nominal fee to stay where we have invested our money and community spirit. 

Please sign this petition to keep OGDEN home and not a hotel. The value of our homes, the ability to enjoy our homes, and the security of our homes is at stake! Let's keep our community special and SAFE!

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