Efua Sey to be able to continue caring for Children.

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Efua Sey is the Manager and the Director of the Efua Sey Cultural Academy and After School Club in Harlow and she is a pillar in our Town and Community as well as an Angel and a brilliant childcare working who has changed many Childrens lives for the better for over 13 years however despite all of this Ofsted have been very unfair towards her.

Ofsted are threatening to take away Efua's right to work with Children due to their own negligence not Efua's.

Efua Sey failed to be a registered to mind Children under 8 years of age for longer then 2 hours in her premises only because Ofsted didn't grant her registration  after she asked for it, so they do the wrong thing and then she gets persecuted for it fair I don't think so.

Please help her and the Children and Parents that depend on her by signing this petition to keep Efua Seys Cultural Academy registered and opened.