Lift the suspension and re-instate Mopelola as our childminder.

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 I am raising this petition on behalf of all the parents of the people who matter the most in this situation, of the people who have no idea about the law rules /regulations or set procedures for the childminders that they all adore, Mopelola's house has become second home to all of them –  our little innocent children.

We are parents of  children minded by Mopelola Akinola and her sister and we are asking for your help to sign this petition and give our message to Ofsted:

 Mopelola and her sister are wonderful, caring and loving individuals who take the safety and comfort of our children serious whilst giving us "parent" peace of mind, as we know that our children are in safe hands.

We are happy and have no concerns with the childcare services being provided by Mopelola and her team.

Since the suspension on Wednesday 14th March 2018, many of us have been displaced and our children are very sad that they can no longer enjoy the comfort and gathering they enjoy under Moelola's watch. The environment is like a family gathering to the children which they always look forward to.

We will urge Ofsted to reinstate Mopelola's license so that we can resume normality because many of us are dysfunctional as a result of Ofsted's action.