Investigations into stokes wood primary school Leicester parents call for changes

Investigations into stokes wood primary school Leicester parents call for changes

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Charlotte Withey started this petition to Ofsted and

This is on behalf of all parents of children who attended in recent months, and children who still attend stokes wood primary school in Leicester. We hope in aid of this Petition that ofsted and the board of governors will take immediate actions with the failings this school.


It’s come to my attention since pulling my child out of stokes wood in the recent months that I’m not on my own. And it’s about time something is done once and for all to help our children and other children in the future. Below are a list of failings from us as parents encounter at the school on a daily basis.


1)lack of support for children’s mental health, to the point a 9 year old was talking about killing them selves.

2)Bullying is a big thing at stokes wood and parents having fights in the school grounds to the point children are shoved in a classroom.

3)Teachers and assistants must have professionalism being in a public setting, staff at stokes wood bicker between each other and before you know it your hearing from another parent of what a teacher has said badly about you and your child.

4) Children that disclose sexual abuse, there’s no help to children or parents regarding this issue.

5) Children that have complexed needs it’s brushed to the side and they’re treated like a ‘naughty, distruptive’ child. Punishments are carried out in a way their complexed needs aren’t brought into consideration.

6) Children as young as 3 years old are excluded from school...why? They’re still babies. Are they unable to control a nursery?

7)Support for children with extra needs is lingered and nothing is in place unless a parent has to threaten with a written complaint. Even then what they say and do are two different things.

8)Stokes wood has a tendency to either call, or verbally communicate this then causes distrust with the school and parents as stokes wood tends to go back on what they have done or said and make parent out to be a lier.

9)Children that are struggling in school don’t get any support. Unless they are funded. This is known all throughout the school. All the parents get is ‘we don’t have the funding’

10) ofsted just need to take a look at how many children have actually been pulled from the school and home schooled to know this is a big concern. Even those who are considering it. Parents don’t take lightly of this decision so it’s definitely a problem.

11) Teachers shouting in children’s faces, and making religious views upon a child which is also discrimination.

12)The documented un authorised absences are indeed from them not properly in putting information majority of the time. 

13)A dinner lady that was once at the school was incredibly horrible to children, this was addressed with the head teacher and her response was ‘she’s leaving soon anyway’ this isn’t good enough. This went on for years, where’s safeguarding children coming into this?

14)Despite information about Tourette’s being provided to the school, a child was passed off to be ‘fine’ ‘no tics’ when confirmed by a hospital it was Tourette’s. And requested information from the school with a request a independent evaluation of a child was rejected from stokes wood their response was ‘it’s our choice not a hospital’ for a child’s health and mental state going down hill this child received no support in relation to understanding her as a person with Tourette’s.

15) It seems if your child has extra needs they don’t belong at the school, and there your child will be victimised into making them believe and act in a way that can be avoided.

16) Children (with anxiety) are bullied by teachers, witnessed first hand by myself whilst I was standing there.

17) Pupils things tends to be stolen quite a lot, and nothing is ever done about it. This doesn’t set a good example to children if this was to be the case as they get older. Punishments should be made if not able to, the school should be replacing any items that the school have requested children to bring in are replaced.

18) parents work, and lost property is sold the day of the text message going out. Which is un fair for those parents that work and see their child’s things being sold.

19) Certain members of staff are known with that their own children are left in danger and they irresponsible parents. Yet working in a school looking after our children? Seems like the ones that lost their jobs were replaced by parents. Many parents have raised their concerns about this and find it un acceptable.

20) Events normal schools hold stokes wood doesn’t follow this, they would rather hold two events to make more money.

21) What seems to be a voluntary donation isn’t actually voluntary verbally, children are made to believe they won’t be doing it if their parents don’t pay from their teachers. Which causes disruptions at home.

22) Staff in the playground talk far too much and children get the response ‘just ignore them go and play’ which once a little girl was chased into the toilets and hit in the head because staff on the playground told her to ignore them and go play, they was too interested in talking to other members of staff

23) School gates, a whole school full of parents and children are expected to fit through a gap of no more then 1 meter. Which causes a lot of arguments at the top gate. Cars and taxis aren’t aloud in the school during those times so would it not be wiser to open up the bigger gate to prevent this happening and to keep the peace.

24) When ofsted come in the school difficult children are either excluded, or they are placed into a ‘new’ programme to help them co-operate in class.  Once ofsted have finished so does this ‘new programme’ like it never existed.

25) Children that have a diagnosis the school don’t help them in any way until they’re able for funding. Even then it feels like your at your whits end trying to get them to listen.

26) Stokes wood have a lack communication and instead have a lot of personal views.
Children seem to be doing a whole 360 turn when moved out of stokes wood, and placed into another school. Children seem to come out looking drained, not happy. And as though it’s not been fun at all at stokes wood.

27) Reading books, should be thoroughly checked, as a parent we had sent books back with words or bulling in a book that I don’t wish for my child to inhibit these behaviours. Books aren’t changed regularly enough with no library.

28) Children go home with hardly any homework, depending on teacher, some send a decent amount. Others don’t bother.

29) Children are made to copy from a board all day. And made out as though it was their own work. When in fact children disclosed as to how they done it.

30) When parents have enough concerns with their child they wish for a meeting to go ahead, but asking years with not receiving a meeting Yet a school can pull a meeting up for attendance in a matter of a day (for their errors with not in putting data in appropriately).   


The above is just a part of parents concerns, if ofsted actually spoken to the parents this would have gathered true facts about the school as a whole.

By doing this we would like ofsted and the board of governors for stokes wood primary school to act upon major changes towards this. And investigate as to why things are like this, and how things can be changed within the school, staff and pupils. To better children’s learning and development. Parents don’t want ignorance,  they want to be listened too and actions taken to make sure their concerns are actioned. It’s a shame it’s had to come about it this way.

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