Garden house nursery school needs to treat customer fairly. Safeguard our children!

Garden house nursery school needs to treat customer fairly. Safeguard our children!

9 April 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Evie Zheng

***Latest update:

a simple page

is established to show previous conversation on the removed. Facebook link

showing all victim’s stories.

Suspect that can be influenced/ threatened result after the nursery. Still seeking reply from forum admin. therefore, please read the screenshots from the page.
so far we can see that the nursery is targeting this petition and related Facebook page which victims are standing out. 

***Email regarding refund, fees and deposit received couple hours after I updated this petition(again, Saturday morning). A first step done. Legal advice will be available from Monday as scheduled.***

This nursery is Garden House Nursery School in Kingston. 

My child’s ear got this bite mark( purple bruise) before Easter, nursery did not notice it. Then the first day back to nursery her nose got hit and bled. Nursery kept sending accident forms. I suggested to have a discussion, and said they should take action, then My child got excluded after I fight for my complainant right because I believe the nursery is not safeguarding children. 

P.S they had a child escape happened in November 2020. All showed on their ofsted report. 
that’s why I am nervous on their safeguarding.

Again,my daughter came home with a deep bite mark on her ear which is black and purple. It clearly shown that’s little teeth and she said it was happened at nursery( confirmed with doctor when doctor talked to her one to one) but the nursery refused to make improvement or take any actions but to exclude us as we are making complaints and discussed their service on our parent WhatsApp group. They did not treat customer fairly and put children in danger. They prefer to throw exclusion threat and keep saying to whoever makes negative comment that they will take legal action rather than make improvement to make sure children’s safety. 
horrified. They even sent email to all parents whoever continue making comments will lose their children’s places! Not acceptable! 

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Signatures: 653Next Goal: 1,000
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