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Revert The Changes for the GCSE Computer Science NEA Assesment

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Over 20 Hours of full of sweat and tears have gone into this exam per person from the stress and frustration which comes with sitting such a legnthy exam.

And yet Ofqual is deciding to simply void all of our work which we have put our souls into, put in many hours of frustration and anger, paniced through whilst grinding our nails and teeth.

20 Hours which could of been spent being productive and revising and learning other subjects. 20 Hours which could've been spent serving charity and making a difference to the world. 20 Hours which could have been used so much more effectively. 20 hours is wasted because just a few people decided to cheat.

And yet the people who didn't cheat are actually the ones who are being punished for because we actually put the work into it, we grinded out the hours working up to the date. The people who cheated aren't going to do well in their actual exams and will likely end up failing anyways as this is only worth 20% of the total mark. So even if you had gotten a 100% in this assesment you wouldn't have even of achieved a pass overall. And considering about 70,000 students (not including teachers) were entered into this subject last year and only a few students and teachers were supposedly cheating, it is ridiculous to punish so many people who did nothing wrong.

So why is it that Ofqual is punishing those who put in the work rather than those who didn't?

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