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Thank you for supporting this campaign!

Dear friends Thank you so much for supporting our campaign to Ofgem the Energy Regulator to Stop Forcing Vulnerable Energy Customers into Debt. We're delighted to see so many people supporting the campaign and we're hoping it will continue to gain momentum. Almost everyone we speak to has first-hand experience of poor service from an energy supplier and the comments many of you have written show the extent to which you all understand why we're doing this. Now is a really important moment for us to talk to Ofgem about this issue because tomorrow (July 15th) they will close their final consultation on the Priority Services Register (PSR). PSR is one of the most important tools to support and protect vulnerable energy users - so we need Ofgem to ensure suppliers do their duty in maintaining the register and identifying vulnerable customers. It is also very timely that we remind Ofgem to protect vulnerable households from the hazards associated with using pre-payment meters, such as higher prices and disconnection. Pre-payment tariffs are more expensive and pre-payment meters are installed in social and rented houses. We think it's not right that poorer households have to pay the most. If you are able, it would be wonderful if you could help keep this campaign moving by sharing it with your friends and family. We find that letting our friends know that something is important to us is the best way of getting their support. But most importantly - thank you for your support. Jen & The PEC Team @plymenergycom

Plymouth Energy Community
5 years ago