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Kampanyanın muhatabı: Officials in and around Fethiye Turkey

Enforce the removal of razor wire which is injuring pets and wildlife

The neighbour of a friend has put razor wire along the walls of his garden in Ovacik near Fethiye, Turkey.

My friends cats have been badly injured by the wire and some have needed stitches.
Local street cats may have been injured too, but are not tame enough to catch to find out if they're ok.
Other wildlife such as birds and lizards are also in danger from this wire, plants have been grown across it, making it even more dangerous as its not clearly visible.

Haytap animal welfare organisation are appealing to the relevant authorities and officials of the Fethiye region to force Mr Leslie Stanley Bradwell to remove the razor wire at Bradwell Villa, 95 Sokak, nr 5, Ovacik, Fethiye.

Please sign this petition to show the level of disapproval for the injuries this man is causing and to give Haytap a stronger case for getting it removed.



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  • Officials in and around Fethiye Turkey

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