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Did you know that the Fairport Village Planning Board approved a four-lot subdivision at 110 Hulburt Road, along the dangerous blind curve, without first conducting an official safety/traffic study?  This approved subdivision will be one lot away from the Minerva Deland school property, and is on a road that is heavily traveled by cut-through traffic,  school traffic, and children walking to and from school. (Three Fairport schools are on this road.) The plan will include three new driveways (a total of four including the current driveway) directly located on Hulburt Road.

 Currently, this sharp turn in Hulburt Road, at the top of a hill, has flashing lights, a crash barrier (which was recently replaced), a 15 mph sign, and several other signs, all put in place by the Village, years ago, because the curve is dangerous.

Due to safety issues, the three-house subdivision directly across the street from 110 Hulburt Road was required by the Village to develop a plan with a single-shared driveway.

Numerous residents have repeatedly voiced their concerns about how the 110 Hulburt Road subdivision will further compromise safety at this curve. They believe that adding the new driveways will potentially endanger the hundreds of homeowners, drivers, pedestrians, and bikers who travel this route every day. They have pleaded with the developer, construction company and Boards to consider alternate, safer plans. Residents have given testimonies of cars veering off the road into trees and yards, and a seasoned Fairport bus driver told the Village Planning Board that it is one of the most dangerous stretches of road to drive in Fairport.

Why did the Village Boards consider and approve a subdivision plan in this very dangerous location without conducting an official traffic and safety study?

 Please join me and other Hulburt Road and Village residents as we urge the Fairport Village Mayor, Trustees, and Boards to:

 1)    More carefully consider the consequences of allowing three additional driveways and homes to be built on an already dangerous curve. 

2)    Mandate an independent, third-party professional safety and traffic study prior to any subdivision construction.

3)    Use the results of such a study to determine if the subdivision, which includes a total of four driveways and homes, will put residents and drivers at greater risk for harm and collisions.

4)    Put the safety and welfare of its residents and children above the financial interests of the subdivision developer.

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