Bring back the Scottish Singles Music Chart

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The first Scottish Singles chart was officially published in '91. This was to reflect what music the people of Scotland were buying as the UK Charts weren't capable of doing so.

Not only that, but this chart offers bands an opportunity to gain some recognition and a platform to get noticed. 

We have discovered some great bands as a result of these charts and we fear that losing this chart will hinder the discovery of well deserved artists.

As of the 20th of November 2020, the Official Charts stopped publishing the Scottish singles chart and have stated that this is due to 'new data limitations' yet, they still receive adequate data to ensure the continuation of all other charts. Along with this, they have changed the data that is pulled, so the chart would only now reflect physical sales. 

The Scottish charts are very different to that of the UK charts, yet this will no longer be acknowledged. 

We are asking that the Scottish Singles Charts are reinstated and include digital downloads. 


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