Priyanshu needs YOUR SUPPORT to live

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Priyanshu is the  son of a daily wage worker from  Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. When he was just 3-months old, he was diagnosed with a complex congenital heart defect in which impure and pure blood gets mixed, resulting in lung damage.

Imagine the helplessness of a parent, whose child is diagnosed with a rare disease and he does not have the money to get the treatment done. That is what Priyanshu's parents are going through.

Dr Rakesh Mishra , Priyanshu’s paediatrician said, “He has a double outlet right ventricle with a large ventricular septal defect with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Across the globe, less than 0.5% of population gets this disease.” “In Priyanshu’s case, since both the outlets of his heart are very close, pure and impure blood keeps mixing,” he added.

“In 2015, a bridging therapy  – a pulmonary artery banding was done – to reduce blood flow at high pressures into the lungs, thus preventing lung damage and prolonging life. He is around because of that surgery,” said Dr Mishra.

A reconstructive surgery is needed at the earliest to treat the child, but it carries considerable risk. Priyanshu's parents have consulted all the top hospitals in India like AIIMS,  Fortis Hospital in Delhi, Narayan Hrudyalaya in Bangalore, Ruby Hall and Jehangir hospital in Pune, but they have all declared him “inoperable” in the country.

His father Sagar Meshram has found some hope in the United States. Through some good samaritans, he has been able to get in touch with  Dr Sitaram Emani of The heart centre, Boston Children’s hospital ,Boston. This hospital has treated patients with this defect and he is hopeful that the child will get help there and be able to lead a normal life afterwards.

But and there is a big “BUT” here. He does not have the funds to take Priyanshu to Boston for his treatment.

More than a year ago ( In May 2017), the cost of treatment at Boston was estimated to be about Rupees 1.65 crores , but since the funds could not be collected ,his condition went from bad to worse and  he now needs 2 surgeries and the expected costs have gone upto about Rupees 2.2 crores .

Heartening thing is that due to the efforts of some good hearted people who have been helping Sagar Meshram, Priyanshu's father, and the generosity of common citizens, an amount of about Rupees 60 lakhs has already been collected.

Priyanshu's condition is deteriorating and  It is imperative that he is sent to Boston soon for his treatment, failing which any effort or any amount of money may prove to be useless in saving his life.

Please sign this petition to #SavePriyanshu and join me in requesting  the Chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Kamal Nath, to help in bridging the gap for the  remaining amount of funds required for Priyanshu's treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital, that are approximately Rupees 1.6 crores.