Let's make a MUSE compatible software, that would replace it.

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My developer team and I have decided that we would like to develop a MUSE compatible software, that would replace MUSE, if there is enough interest. I’m creating a petition to see if there is any.

 Story time.

 As a lot of you, we have built our company around MUSE partly. About two years ago we have invested time and money to develop this branch. We were stunned when we saw the news that ADOBE has announced the discontinuation of the software, that I regard as a unique solution, even if it has its own faults.

When we decided to develop this branch of the company, we have investigated different software products. Some of those has never worked quite as well as MUSE, others had restrictions about where one could keep his or her site, or they were more expensive than MUSE, or there were not enough components to choose from etc. Personally I liked the widget system very much, as a user, I liked the simplicity and freedom it offered, which were supported by MUSE as a framework.

 According to what ADOBE disclosed, they are going to support MUSE for another year.

But how am I supposed to build a site with it now, if I know full well that it is going to close down. How much work will it be to move the site? How much wasted money, how many widgets will I lose?

Someone asked why don’t we build the software again? A MUSE compatible software. We have spent the following days investigating the question, if it is possible and if yes, how exactly.


  • A interface that is very similar to MUSE, with very similar abilities, with a non-WEB based program.
  • Being able to read files that were created by MUSE. As much compatibility as possible.
  • To be able to use widgets that were created for MUSE as usual
  • To be able to use templates used in MUSE as usual
  • To be able to use the new software on both Mac and Windows platforms 


  • Compatibility with other ADOBE products (e.g Photoshop) or files created by such programs (e.g .psd files)
  • Drag and drop capability from other ADOBE products
  • To implement libraries, fonts, and other licenced content into our product.

Long term goals

  • Expand the widget API, to help widget builders foremost.
  • To create the ability for php files and http cookies to connect and manage databases. This would give the opportunity to developers to create more robust backends.

Realization, risks

  • According to our calculations, we can reliably develop the software. It would take about 12 months to reach beta. (By the time ADOBE pulls support)
  • After the beta, It would take another year to finish the product.
  • It would take about 2000 supporters to be able to get started on the development of the project.
  • We intend the start a crowd-funding campaign to cover some of the costs of development. It costs 280 dollars to pay for a year of ADOBE MUSE. For the program we intend to develop, you can subscribe for 100 dollars a year, in our Indiegogo campaign.
  • The more people supports our campaign, the more resources would we have available to us, lowering the risks.
  • For your information, we are a Hungarian company. The company has been founded seven years ago, and we have been developing software ever since.
    (Wesselenyi Rendszerhaz Ltd. – www.whaz.hu – the site is in hungarian)

Who should sign the petition

  • With this petition, we intend to see how many serious supporters we have. If we attain 2000 supporters, we will start the Indiegogo campaign.
  • Please only sign the petition if you seriously consider paying 100 dollars a year for the yearly subscription.

I hope we will have a successful campaign, and we can create a software that will replace MUSE.

Thank you for reading this petition. – Wesselenyi Rendszerhaz Ltd. team -