Keep Jessica A. (Mandy) Bellerose In Prison

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The family of Paige Alexis Ahearn started this petition to the Office of Victim Assistance NYS Parole Board.

Jessica A. (Mandy) Bellerose is up for parole in September 2019.  She will have served only 2 1/3 years of the maximum 7-year sentence for her reckless decision to drink all day at her mother’s home on October 11th, 2016 and get into a car and drive. Her decision cost Paige her life. Her boyfriend, DJ, who was also in the car with Paige, suffered unimaginable trauma to his body and mind. All of us that love Paige will forever be scarred by her death.

Please help us by voicing your objection to Bellerose’s potential early release from the minimal sentence she received for taking a life! While no amount of time in prison will ever be enough, not serving the maximum sentence is a slap in the face to Paige and her loved ones.  Paige’s death was preventable and because of Bellerose’s intentional decision to get behind the wheel of a car while she was drunk, Paige is no longer with us. We need to keep Bellerose off the streets for as long as possible.

Jessica Bellerose has lived a life of drug and alcohol abuse by her own admission. She has not been able to keep stable employment, and her actions have been enabled by her parents. The judge was even taken aback when she had no comment at the sentencing stating “your silence is deafening Ms. Bellerose.”  Jessica Bellerose has not learned her lesson. She is only sorry she got caught.  She has shown zero remorse for her actions; she stood expressionless as Paige’s mother & father shook and cried while reading their victim impact statements. As she was taken into custody by the guards, she looked at her mother and shrugged.

Please help us keep this menace off the streets for as long as possible. We need your help to petition the NYS Parole Board to make the Right Decision!  Please join us and sign your name so we can be sure she gets her maximum sentence of 7 years, not the minimum of 2 1/3.

We will never again hear Paige’s beautiful laugh, or be warmed by her smile, but we can help to make sure no one else has their lives destroyed by Jessica Bellerose.  With your help, we have the power to be sure she remains in prison to think a little longer about how her reckless actions took a young, innocent life, severely injured a young man and devastated the lives of so many.

Jessica Bellerose has been sentenced to a maximum of 7 years in prison, while we suffer a life sentence!  Please help us keep her there for the maximum length imposed by the judge.

Thank you on behalf of Paige Alexis Ahearn’s family and friends.   

The family of Paige Alexis Ahearn

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