We request Sri M Venkaiah Naidu to resign as centre failed to honor AP Reorganization Act

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We the people of Telugu states, earnestly request Sri M. Venkaiah Naidu ji to resign from the august post of Vice President of India as his government failed to honor the AP Reorganisation Act 2014. The Promises made by central government on the floor of Indian Parliament and the promises made by former prime minister on the floor of the august house and by current prime minister during poll campaign in 2014 were not fulfilled. Then central government (by Congress) made several promises and supported by the opposition BJP on the floor of parliament to fulfill the needs of the newly formed Andhra Pradesh state - be it replenishment of huge revenue deficit created by the division, creation of new railway division, multi-purpose irrigation Polavaram project (which can pave the way for linking of Ganga to Kaveri river), 5 years of Special Status to residual Andhra Pradesh state (the present BJP government announced a Special Package to help the revenue deficit state), Steel Plant at Kadapa, promising a new port at Duggarajapatnam, Releasing funds for the construction of new capital city for Andhra Pradesh at Amaravati and many institutions like, AIIMS at Mangalagiri, creation of Petro corridor, Industrial corridors like Vizag-Chennai etc.,.

Many of these got limited only to announcement of Projects with fan fare with no support in the form of releasing funds from the central government in the last four precious years of time.

When the tall promises made from the august Parliament floor were not fulfilled, the people of Andhra Pradesh have no choice left to them rather than asking their own Top Telugu Leader occupying the 2nd highest Constitutional position in this country i.e. the office of the Vice President of India Sri M. Venkaiah Naidu ji resign from his current position. We are requesting him to do so as he was not only the prime witness to the happenings of the both houses Parliament but on behalf of then main opposition party BJP which supported the 'AP Reorganisation Act 2014' also made several promises for his state of Andhra Pradesh.

So, we request you Sri M.Venkaiaj Naidu ji to step down from your constitutional position so as to Increase the pressure on the Central Government of India to fulfill the promises made to Andhra Pradesh in 'AP Reorganisation Act 2014'.

Thanking you Sir in anticipation of your earliest resignation from the Office of Vice President of India.

on behalf of all Telugu speaking People

Dr. Srinivas Gullapalli