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Claims for a people persecuted for decades and became a field of experiments for all the tyranny and corrupt abandoned and were fed and killed and are the owners of the richest land in the world and the oldest civilization,

A cry of 15 years ..
The claims of the Iraqi people that it is just electricity and water is good for drinking, but they are answered by killing, weapons and violent things against demonstrators !!
Dear world, for every human individual and for those who have humanitarian work,
May you give your time to a human being that may be useful to a people who is now suffering from crisis.

The word "crisis" All the details of our lives are accompanied by no difference at all. Financial crisis ... Loyalty crisis and patriotism .... Crisis politicians and men of state .... Electricity and water crisis ... Fuel and fuel crisis .... Housing crisis .... Education crisis .... And one of the most serious crises that have afflicted the crisis of morality, values ​​and humanity. Which went into the wind .... It no longer exists in our lives .... It is common knowledge in the whole world When the people come out demanding their legitimate rights, the government is quick to respond to its demands and satisfy whatever the cost of the matter or resort to resign and move away from the scene in the event of inability to do so .... But the situation in Iraq and ours is completely different Instead of resorting to the suppression of these claims and their response to weapons and fire and find a thousand means and means to abort and empty the content ....