A Declaration of the Human Right to Secede From Unwanted Political Associations

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We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all humans are born and ought to live as political equals; that Nature entitles each of us equally to political self-determination, and that such self-determination includes each and every individual’s right to secede from any unwanted political union and to join another or form one of their own. For most part of history just as even today, humankind has lived under political regimes that have claimed territorial jurisdiction regardless of the consent of the individuals residing in the territory. Such territorial monopolization of political authority is an insult to the independent existence of the individuals residing there. Such monopolizations of power are illegitimate and inherently oppressive, for only a tyrant would fear secession. If a system has to force people to be a part of it, then it means that the system is not serving the people well. In a free society individuals join or leave the jurisdiction of a government out of free will, without being forced to move from their residence. Legitimate governments act as voluntary clubs instituted for protecting the rights and interests of their members, charging for their services only consenting members, and enjoying no monopoly on political authority. Such being our ideals, we declare all monopolists of governmental power as usurpers of political freedom and a threat to the civilized world, and at the same time declare the right of individuals, as equal political sovereigns, to secede from, form or join political unions according to their preference without being limited by the place of their residence.

More info: http://panarchism.org/