Edmund Dillon MUST Step Down

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Brandon Samaroo, a young man, was killed today while earning an honest income.  WHY?  Because the criminals in this country HAVE NO FEAR about getting caught.  Are these criminals being protected by the police?  Where are the guns coming from?  Is the source being protected by those in power?  Do you honestly think that crime cannot be solved?  Or is it that CRIME WILL NOT BE SOLVED?  Either way, 

ARE YOU willing to unite as a people and sign this petition to remove Edmund Dillon from office?  If YOU are not willing to put the pressure on the government, YOU may be the next victim?  Are you prepared to bury your child?  Your wife?  Your husband?  Your sister?  Your brother?  Your Mother?  Your Father?  ARE YOU READY TO DIE while this government turns a blind eye to crime.

DO NOT underestimate the collective power of the people against a government.  They are but 41.  WE ARE 1.4 MILLION!!!

It is time to unite and demand justice for all the innocent lives lost at the hands of the evil in society.  It is time to force the government into action.  

SIGN this petition TODAY! Share this petition far and wide until every law abiding Citizen in this country signs this petition.  Look at your children!  Look at your family RIGHT NOW!  Are you ready to bury any one of them?!

Then save their lives, sign this petition and get Dillon out of office.