Upgrade Malta's road furniture to make it safer.

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With the number of fatalities on Maltese roads lately, something needs to be done. The Malta Police Force Traffic Branch are presently on a blitz for speeding and illegal racing but this is not creating the downward trend that one would expect. It is time to realize that speed alone is not killing these motorists. The next logical step would be to do a risk assessment of the roads themselves. We recommend you mitigate the following hazards in the order we are presenting them. Taking the lazy way out and ignoring these hazards and repeating the "speed kills" mantra  is a breach of your duty of care towards Maltese motorists. Do you people who make decisions want blood on your hands? In order of priority: 1) install skid rails at the base of ALL Armco style railings. 2) Immediately cease the watering of plants with sprinklers in the middle of the night, especially at roundabouts. OUR ROADS ARE LIKE GLASS WHEN THEY ARE WET! 3)Create a database of all accident black spots, assess the hazards that cause these incidents and put in controls to mitigate them and eliminate the risks. 4) Enforce and increase the penalties for negligent and culpable driving. Time to stop the carnage. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!