Free all Hindu Temples from all kinds of Govt Control

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All Hindu Temples that are built as per the Agama Sastra are unique places with unique radiance. Devotees visiting them will get their Aura enhanced resulting in physical and spiritual well being of them. The administration of such Temples - though they earn so much money from the offerings made by devotees or other means - shall be left to the Devotees who are not govt employees but pursuing the quest for spiritual knowledge. Such people usually referred to as Dharmiks - shall be the most appropriate persons to govern the affairs of the temple as per the presiding deity's philosophy or the spiritual significance in the divine governing system lead by Narayana or as per the philosophy being followed by the Temple from its beginning. 

In Bharat all Churches and Mosques are free to conduct their affairs as per their religious faith and systems, by their own religious leaders, only the Hindu Temples are being subjected to Govt Control. The temple funds are being used by the Govts who are claiming themselves as SECULAR in a manner that befit their political agenda. This is the ultimate Adharma that the democratically elected leaders running the govt are indulging in day in and day out. While Supreme Court pays extra attention to allow women into Sabarimala it fails to understand this simple and naked truth. We have lost faith in the SUPREME Court as it turns out to be influenced by SECULAR politicians and govt leaders.

As a devotee when I offer from my hard earned money as a contribution to the development of my Temples the Govt takes the control and decides as to how such money donated by devotees like me shall be used. This is obnoxious. If the same govts can have the similar control of Churches and Mosques, then the Govts' decision to have control gets validated. But this is not the case. I feel that all the Temples in the Sanatana Dharma fold shall be left to the Temple Trusts for their Dharmik administration. The members of such Trust shall have a demonstrated capability and absolute faith in the presiding deity and its philosophy. I appeal to all my sisters and brothers of Bharat to join me in this movement to free Temples from so the called SECULAR GOVTS, unfortunately elected by us, immediately. 

The recent govt resolution by YS Jagan, CM of Andhra Pradesh to provide reservation for SC, ST and BC in managing the Temples is yet another concerted effort to destroy the sanctity of our Hindu Temples and induct people - who may not be having any faith in the presiding deity or even in Sanatana Dharma - to have their say in Temple Governing System. At this rate of progress in SECULARIZING the Temple Administration we may have representatives from Islam and Christianity on the board of Trustees of our Temples. Stop this nonsense or face the wrath of Dharma. 

धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः ।
तस्माद्धर्मो न हन्तव्यः मानो धर्मो हतोवाधीत् ॥
- मनुस्मृति

Dharma, when destroyed, destroys; Dharma protects when it is protected.
Therefore Dharma must not be violated, Otherwise violated Dharma destroys us.

Those who are supposed to protect the sanctity of temples in our Sanatana Dharma fold, if they fail to do their duty, the power of Dharma haunts  them and their dear ones very badly and  in an unimaginable manner.