President Duterte Must Revoke the Consultative Commission's Draft Constitution

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The Consultative Commission's Draft Constitution to replace the Philippines' 1987 Constitution does LITTLE to solve the problems created by our current constitution.

It does not create a strong enough federal structure. Instead of reserving most governmental powers except for police and national defense to the proposed federal states, it retains a power structure that preserves IMPERIAL MANILA.

It does not incorporate a Parliamentary form of government which would lead to 1) selection of better leaders 2) platform-based parties 3) elections based on platforms instead of personalities 4) built-in mechanisms like Shadow Council/Shadow government and no confidence votes that ensure accountability to the Filipino electorate 5) lower-cost elections and a more responsive democracy through more frequent elections if need be.

It retains the SENATE which has proven itself to be an expensive and time-wasting impediment to fast and efficient legislation. 

It retains the RUINOUS 60/40 ownership provisions for key sectors of the Philippine economy which has a DISCOURAGING and CHILLING effect on direct foreign investment.

It retains the OUTDATED restrictions on direct foreign ownership of land which has led to 'dummy' corporation fraud by less than scrupulous companies while locking out legitimate business players who wish to play the by the rules.

It contains RESTRICTIVE language regarding wages and working conditions when these should be left to the federal states.

Given these structural weaknesses, we, THE FILIPINO PEOPLE, desiring the REAL CHANGE President Duterte Promised in 2016, PETITION HIM to REVOKE the Consultative Commission's Draft Constitution and either adopt the PDP-LABAN draft constitution or reconstitute a more diverse Consultative Commission to revisit Constitutional reform.

We have suffered with the DISASTROUS results of the 1987 Constitution. WE DEMAND REAL CHANGE