Written Warning Instead of 6 Months Suspension for the Olongapo Officials

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As the suspension notice is being served, we, the residents of Olongapo City, Philippines would like to help Mayor Rolen C. Paulino and the other officials receive a written warning instead of a 6 month suspension by The Office of the Ombudsman for simple misconduct regarding the lease awarded to SM. It is a first offense and was merely an oversight on the part of the government unit. It is not a case of graft and corruption. 

The people of Olongapo are disheartened about the decision and would like to appeal to the respective offices that can change the said suspension. 

The City of Olongapo has been very progressive in the years that Mayor Paulino has managed all concerns including but not limited to crisis, job creation, safety of its residents and so much more.

Please, we need your help. We need you to sign this petition to help our dear officials. Thank you and may God bless Olongapo!!!