Demand the Release of Wrongfully Imprisoned Edward Lang, He’s Innocent Project

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Subject: Falsely accused of Murder | Edward Lang | Chillicothe, OH

To all the people,

Edward Lang of Chillicothe, OH Correctional Institute was falsely accused of murder and is in prison being deprived of his human rights, living in torturous conditions for a crime he DID NOT commit.

Here he speaks his innocence:

He was convicted and thrown in jail in 2006 at a young age based on lies and circumstantial evidence that do not add up. We cannot let him rot in there. Edward is so talented (writer, author, artist) and has 2 young daughters. Growing up with a father behind bars can cause lasting damage and suffering, especially when he is innocent.

Please help me build awareness and educate others. They threw another innocent black male in jail and I’m sick and tired of it. Sign this petition so we can work toward re-opening this case. EDWARD LANG IS INNOCENT AND DESERVES TO BE FREE, yet he is imprisoned on death row for absolutely no reason at all.

Please read this interview that states what REALLY happened:

Just from reading that alone, do you believe Edward Lang is innocent? If so, all you literally have to do is sign this.

Please reach out to me with any information you may have and let’s make the world a better place. Thank you so much.

Stay safe and well.