Domestic Violence Act 2005 a night mare for men

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Dear Sir

This act needs a immediate amendment as there has been a change in the society and since 2005 as we have move to the year 2017 and although we are trying to empower our women but with the empowerment there has been a complete misuse of the Domestic Violence Act. There has been an increased violence towards the male and unfortunately still based on the this act female take undue advantage to take privileges and benefits and trouble the males and the family. Although there has been Mahila ayog and national women council and NGO formed and funded and supported by the GOI but there has not been any support towards the males suffering which are much more traumatizing an agonizing and as result of the law and the support in the society the male either suffer till death and live a life hopelessness. I would request an appeal to all  to please sign this petition and help us make law that will help in making family rather have gender biased acts  and laws that will be used as an advantage by the females to fulfill there own will and desires. Request an appeal to please support the NGO like Save Indian family and MRA who have done survey have put across the suffering of several men who are undergoing the trauma and the suffer base of this act which I feel needs to be scrapped or amended

Thanks and Regards

Saurav Banerjee