Safety Improvement in the Underpass near Manila City Hall

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There are numerous cases of crime that have been reported in the underpass near Manila City Hall like pickpocketing, hold-ups and stabbing incidents, and no immediate response was taken because of the lack of security. This matter continuously catches the fear of people and no concrete solutions were given to mollify the dismay. We see this matter as one of the problems in the area and we became interested about this issue because we believe that an action will soon benefit those who pass through it especially students and employees who use the facility every day.

​Being one of the most populated city with a huge number of workers and students, we believe that the citizens deserve safer and more comfortable routes especially those who do not own private cars. As students in Intramuros who resort to public transportation like utility jeepney and LRT on a daily basis, we have experienced the struggle of having no available immediate route to go back and forth to Intramuros and the opposite side except the underpass that we are obliged to walk through which also gives us discomfort knowing that there is no such security. In observance, there are a lot of stores in the underpass that occupy the space. Pathways become more limited to passers and uncontrollably congested. There are no also security guards that stay within the area, and bulb lights are not enough to brighten the place. This may somehow lead to danger that people might not notice. As a result, the tendency of crimes to happen is higher compared to a place with security since there is no way to escape. We propose a heartfelt appeal to replace the fear that rules the streets with complacency and secured safety. This is for the sake of the people and to lessen the number of crimes in the city.

​As representatives, we would like to humbly ask your good office to take an action regarding this issue. We suggest that the government assign a police officer or a security officer that will handle the jurisdiction over the underpass to safeguard the place and to avoid unwanted commotions. It would be a big help to secure the safety of passers, and to take immediate action, not only during crime incidents, but also when a person experiences medical emergencies. One post at either of the ends will do. We also humbly request for the installation of CCTV cameras in the underpass. This will help the authorities monitor the underpass and trace the suspects of possible crime incidents. Lastly, additional lights in the underpass are also requested for a safer and more comfortable route.