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The Government: All MPs to be paid by 'Payment by results'

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The Government: All MP's to be paid by 'Payment by results'
In these days of austerity and huge cuts to all public services, the government have decided to bring in 'Payment by results'. This will be for any service provider who holds a contract which is funded and commissioned by the authorities, such as The Probation Service, Prison Service, Drug and Alcohol services, Job centres and the NHS. All services under the banner of this pay scheme will be paid 40% once they have taken on a new client, and when the client has 'successfully completed' treatment or has no further contact with the service within a 12 month time frame; then the service will receive the remaining 60% payment due to them.

This has the capacity to cripple any agencies and services, which will then lead to mass redundancies across all vulnerable services that are paid by this method.

In my petition, I would like to see the Members of Parliament accept payment by results for themselves, and be paid for the 'results' they achieve over each period of Parliament .

Why shouldn't we be able to demand 'payments by results' from those we've elected to represent us? As Mr Cameron keeps saying, "we are in this together".

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