USDOJ - Investigate "HATE CRIMES" committed by Louisville Metro Police - Louisville, KY

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Note:  I made this Petition today 7/30/17 after sending the below info. & more to the USDOJ & being denied assistance. The following are links re: the people denying assistance:

USDOJ - Hate & Terrorist Crimes - Refuse to Help - Connie Marshall - 7/28/17 - Pt 1

USDOJ - Hate & Terrorist Crimes - Refuse to Help - Connie Marshall - Pt 2

I don't know if someone was impersonating the USDOJ, as sometimes my tele is intercepted & the police state they are on my tele, internet, etc.

To the Public at Large,

Please tell the United States Dept. of Justice to investigate the Louisville Metro Police Department.  For ten (10) years and beyond Hate Crimes, Sexual Degradation and Death Threats have been committed against me. They have even stated in one of the threatening emails that previous President Obama was the Nigger President.  I have been tortured, threatened, harassed, had my name forged over five (5) times and false allegations have been made against me, including accusing Federal Judge Hale - in the Western District - of taking bribes. I have tried to get assistance in my state and have letters and emails from my officials stating they will not assist me.  The following are just a few of the You Tube links to some of my evidence of the aforementioned crimes:

28th Death Threat Connie Marshall Receives uses the N word to Describe President Obama - 7/12/2016 

Death Threats - Connie Marshall - Pt. 8 of 11 - from the Louisville Metro Police - May 19, 2014

Seven Harassing Calls - Threatening to Kill me & Calling me Niggers - Connie Marshall - July 1, 2016

Judge Hale Accused of Taking Bribes by Perps Forging Connie Marshall's Name - Pt 2 of 2 - 12/19/15

Conveniently Time Fabricated Death Threat Sent to LG&E Employee - Connie Marshall - 7-15-16-Pt 2 of 3

Police No Show - Harassing Mail in Prosecutor's Name sent to Connie Marshall 2016 Pt 3 of 3 -

Louisville Metro Police state they have MIW taken out by LG&E - Connie Marshall - Pt 1 of 5 - 8/9/16

Police harassment - I don't feel this Office is Involved - 6/20/16 Pt 2 of 3

Death Threats - Connie Marshall - Pt. 10 of 11 - from the Louisville Metro Police on Jan. 9, 2014

In closing you can go to my website to find most of the evidence and/or you can put my name in the search box in my You Tube Account.  I do fear for my life and my families lives because they have also threatened to kill my family.  I am also followed, my property is destroyed, they speak of killing my two poodles and the police stated they sent the man is in one of the videos I posted that tried to break into my home while I was in the bath tub. They also state in some of the Hate/Sexual Degradation/Death Threat emails that no one is going to help me because the judges work for them, they own the Country and they own the State of Kentucky, therefore this is also "Terrorism."


Connie Marshall

P.S. - I did send this evidence to the USDOJ in Washington and Amy Hess (Special Agent in Charge) at the FBI in Louisville KY, but I have not received any assistance.

USDOJ - Certified Tracking #70150640000249910767 - Received March 13, 2017

FBI - Registered Tracking #RE280326741US - Sent March 9, 2017 & also Hand Delivered a few days earlier.

Please Note that my goal is 5,000 signatures, though I was told by that the meter sets itself for 100 and resets itself after it reaches the number 100 to a higher goal.  Please encourage ALL of your friends, family, associates, co-workers, church members etc. to sign this petition. Thank you.