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Tell UNC to STOP Downplaying Sexual Assault

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"Seeking support after an unwanted sexual experience?" That's how posters of resources for survivors are downplaying sexual assault across campus. 

These posters are invalidating survivors and de-escatlating the crime before survivors even seek support. You would never say "Seeking Support after an Unwanted Mugging Experience?" How dare they downplay sexual assault? How dare they claim that the organizations listed below will provide support for survivors when they cannot even identify the crime? 

Survivors often struggle with reporting their crime, because society (and this university in particular) has never been on the survivor's side. Posters of resources are put in the bathroom because that is both a private and unavoidable space where the survivor will see that there are resources available. We hope the survivor will feel encouraged to seek those resources out. 

I ask how any survivor will feel encouraged to come forward when the "support resources" are invalidating them before they even talk to them? If a survivor were to go to these resources would the "supporters" continue to refer to their assault as an "unwanted experience?" Is that what would be written on the dorm incident report? Is that what it would be called on a police report?

These posters are shameful. Add your name to tell UNC they need to be replaced.


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