Stop Burning of Kharghar Hills

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In Class VII, children are taught how man has realized the importance of environment and how man is taking various steps for its conservation and betterment.

Sadly, the exact opposite is happening in Kharghar. The Kharghar Hills are being burnt down by the land mafia on daily basis and no action is being taken. The residents have tried by planting trees, watering them but the miscreants have uprooted them in their single minded aim of rendering the hill barren. The residents are losing hope and implore upon the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers to take some urgent and strict action. 

The Kharghar Hills is the last natural habitat remaining which sustains the flora and fauna in this otherwise concrete jungle. They provide for much needed rains and keep the temperature down. The trees keep the pollution levels down.

I seek support from all ministers, municipal authorities, NGOs, environmentalists, and most importantly every citizen to share this petition and do anything and everything in your capacity to ensure that the present and many many next generations are not made devoid of the environment that is rightfully theirs too.