Reverse the verdict of Justice Pushpa Ganediwala of Groping of a Minor not Sexual Assault

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Is it really a happy Republic Day when a child's constitutional rights are violated by the justice system of our country? Sign the appeal to fight back and let children get justice!

Should our children walk around naked to make sure that if a sexual predator with sexual intent assaults them they will get Justice? Then why does the Justice of High Court Pushpa Ganediwala regard that POCSO Act only applies to skin to skin contact? Here are the details of what atrocity has been committed. A 36 yr old man was convicted of sexually assaulting a 12 yr old girl under the POCSO Act. He was convicted and appealed to Mumbai High Court .High Court Justice Pushpa Ganediwala comes back with a verdict that because the predator did not make skin to skin contact because the minor was wearing clothes , it would not be considered a direct contact hence POCSO ACT would not apply. Her verdict has reduced the abusers sentence ! What an outrage ?!!! A direct physical contact is when the physical action of one individual is FELT by the other individual physically as such the groping the breast of a minor with clothes is a direct contact. Groping a a minors breast with or without clothes causes the same amount of trauma to a child psyche so the punishment should be the same. I call upon every human being who loves a child to sign this petition to reverse this unfair decision by Justice Pushpa Ganediwala which violates every child's rights. Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse. Remember children cannot fight child abuse, only adults can. This decision will impact the safety of every child and their fight of justice in India and must change. Sign the appeal to fight back and let children get justice! #shameonpushpaganediwalla #childprotectionmatters #ChildSexualAbuse #fightbackclub