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CMO Maharashtra announced that final semester students will be passed based on previous marks of all years.

This decision is not at all in favor of any student who has a year drop or backlogs.

There are so many of us who have backlogs and were prepared to appear and clear them this last semester and graduate finally. But this decision has sentenced us mental torture for another 8 months to an year (as nobody knows when the situation will normalise and when colleges will reopen).

If we are not promoted now and made to wait any further 

We will not be able to appear for any entrance exam that we could have, had we were promoted or given earliest opportunity to give exams.

We have our lives on hold till college reopen and they fix a time table for our exams. Nobody is understanding the amount of toll it's taking on our mental health.

This is the end of our career. 

It is evident that Maharashtra government is handling this situation very efficiently, But students who are not be able to handle this pressure might resort to ending their lives. 

We request every concerned authority, student, parent, person to support this petition and free us from this Torturous sentence of indefinite Stress and Time.